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Model: Sweet_Phedre
Rigging: Tho4ns
Photo: Pho-To


hiya i’m feeling generous so i’ll make everyone (it may take a while if this gets too many notes but i will keep going~!) who reblogs this post one of these transparent pixel gifs for their url~! ♥ ♥ ♥

must be following me ~ i need more people to follow so i will follow you back most likely c:
if you want a different colour set (3 colours only please) message me with the colourcodes or just the general colours c:

Purple pink & turquoise please :)

pon00000さんはTwitterを使っています: 今回、作業中の漫画ですがチューの多さに自分でツッコむw

Pound The Round - A blog for the dedicated.. addicted.. & totally obsessed booty loving fiends worldwide.

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NSFW Adults Only blog.

Kink is my thing, so I've created a separate blog for the kinkier side of life, and welcome your submissions. Here you will find bondage, BDSM, fuck machines, fetish wear, erotica, videos and more from the kink lifestyle. All gender orientations and combinations, so if that offends your sensibilities, you may want to bypass the kinkier side of moi.


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